"I want every woman and person of color to connect their passion to purpose, unlock their superpowers, receive equal access to support, growth, and professional development, and thrive at work on their own terms!

My story starts at Spelman College. I wasn’t your typical “got it all figured out” student. I changed majors twice and decided to go law school because my parents said it was a good idea. It wasn’t until I landed my “six-figure dream job”, at a well respected BigLaw firm, that I realized I made a huge mistake in career choice.

I was unfulfilled, undervalued, and overlooked as a black female attorney. Tired of walking into spaces as the only, I sat down and took a long hard look at why I was put on this earth. I got crystal clear about my goals, made changes to my search, assessed my skills, and really defined my passion and my purpose.


Walking In Purpose - has landed me dream roles as Director of Career Services and Professional Development, and a Diversity & Inclusion manager at a Fortune 125 Corporation. My story is one of transformation, inspiration, and hustle!

At each stage of my career, I decided who I wanted to serve and created a defined plan to get me there.

In these roles, it became clear that women and people of color experience an uneven playing field in the workforce. We receive less support, access to senior leaders, and experience heightened scrutiny due to being the only in the room, making it harder to move up the ladder.

As I looked to build my career, I looked for coaches who experienced similar career hurdles struggles as a woman of color. Finding none who could fit my needs, I decided to start The Career Design Lab!

My Desire - to help you push past fear, overwhelm, and inequity to help you reach your wildest dreams. I want to provide access to mentorship, community, and serve as a helpmate in a challenging workforce designed to keep us from career success.

Career Strategist + HR Leader + Coach + Influencer

We will work together to design your career around your purpose and speak intention to your dreams and goals.  Planning, and identifying your purpose with a defined plan will change your life.  Take charge of your money, your life, and your dreams.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE! 
— Aithyni
My Vision


Designing a purpose filled career is the foundation of your life’s work. Aligning your job search, promotions, and development with your purpose is the most critical step.



Connecting purpose with passion is the secret sauce! When we are passionate about our career moves, we harness our superpowers, leverage our strengths and take on the world.

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Setting actionable goals, conquering fear, and owning your personal development plan is the key to rocketing forward. Let’s conquer obstacles and power your performance.

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You are worth more. Period. Your paycheck should match your performance. Ensuring you are paid comparably and fully for your work is imperative!

You’re talented, ambitious, and ready to take your career to the next level. You’ve got skills, education, and professional experience, but aren’t sure how to translate your strengths. I have been there and would love to help.