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It’s time to change these statistics! 

You are ambitious, motivated, and ready to stop spinning your wheels.

It’s time to fall in love with your career and earn more than a paycheck.







Representation matters - yet, women and people of color have been left without access, sponsors, and the leadership development necessary to accelerate and navigate their dream careers. At each stage of the pipeline, from entry level to executive, the odds have been unfairly stacked against us.

You need a coach and a champion to help you navigate and:

  • Overcome the imposter syndrome, unlock your superpowers, and overcome feelings of fear and overwhelm

  • Navigate situations where you are the only in the room and radiate your authentic approach and outlook

  • Regain your confidence and clarity to fulfill your ambitions and dreams

  • Gain insight into the competencies needed to navigate, respond, and excel when faced with career challenges

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Struggling to fit into corporate culture in an authentic and meaningful way?

Ready to flex your authority, connect with key stakeholders, change careers, or level-up in your current organization?

It’s time to take action. My sweet spot is coaching people like you through pivotal career moments. Connect your passion to purpose, navigate through challenging work environments, and get paid what you’re worth.

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I would love to share over 13 years of experience in HR, Legal, and Career Services to help you amplify your voice, pivot, and make moves!

I want you to wake up excited for Mondays and ready to take on the world!

My experience in HR lets me see how recruiters, managers, and leadership think and evaluate candidates. 


"Aithyni was a god send. I needed help navigating a challenging work environment, which led to a complete career change. She helped me rebuild my confidence, network without fear, and land a career in my dream field with a $35,000 salary increase!"

— Jordan B.


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Aithyni is an extremely goal-oriented and passionate person and is gifted at sharing her enthusiasm with others to help them accomplish their career ambitions. She can not only help you set a realistic and achievable career goal, but she can also help you create a workable plan to get there. Her energy, positivity, and humor are infectious, and is a pleasure to work with. She truly understands what it means to move mountains to achieve your career dreams and will help push you into greatness.

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We all need a champion and advocate when in the job market and Aithyni was definitely a no-nonsense advocate, that pushed me to realize my full potential. I met Aithyni while attending law school and, while I was a top performer, early on, I struggled with customizing legal cover letters and skill-set alignment. She took the time to review job postings, identified matching skills, and highlighted those in my cover letters. It appears simple, but with her wordsmithing skills, it was magical. I highly recommend her for your professional and career development needs. You won’t regret it (unless you don’t call at all).

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Aithyni is highly experienced in helping others reach their end career goals. She took the time to walk me through every step to ensure I had the keys to success. She has the intellectual horsepower to motivate and push others towards their goals. Not only is she a resourceful mentor but a role model. I trust Aithyni to help others in designing their future.