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I'm ready to help you take charge of your future!

My coaching sessions are based on your unique needs, and desires, not what I think your goals should be. It's time to design the career of YOUR dreams!

The journey won't be easy, but this investment in YOURSELF is worth it.  You are well on your way toward fulfilling the promises you made to yourself.  

We will work together to design your career around your purpose and speak intention to your dreams and goals.  Intention,  planning, and identifying your purpose with a defined plan will change your life.  Take charge of your money, your life, and your dreams.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE

When your career is in order, you speak directly to other areas of your life.  You will be able to focus on what matters to you: your family, finances, and your happiness. 

Imagine what your life would look like if you could double, triple, or quadruple your salary - without going back to school?

I’m here to help you every step of the way—without judgment—just honesty, compassion, understanding, and advice that is focused on the facts of your career situation.

So, LET'S CONNECT & DESIGN! I can't wait to see you walk into your destiny!

The Career Makeover (1).png

Get down to basics to amplify your impact and nail your dream job.  We will identify strengths, focus on goals, discuss barriers, magnify your mindset, leverage your personal brand, and devise an action plan.

Length: 3-4 Months

StrengthsFinder Assessment and 75-minute Debrief

Resume Review, Audit, & Templates

12 total Career Coaching Sessions

LinkedIn Laser Immersion Session

Unlimited access for phone/text/email check-ins

Wins: You'll identify your new career path and create a plan to market yourself for that new role. Understand how to network with key stakeholders with authenticity. Ideal for someone transitioning careers and needs guidance on where to begin.

Seat At The Table.png

You are currently unhappy at work.  Let's tap into your super powers and design a plan to help you move forward and realize your dreams. 

Leverage your power & increase executive presence; Navigate difficult spaces and relationships, Identify & connect with your strengths, Speak up with courage and confidence 

Length: 1 Month

Gallup StrengthsFinder s 75-minute Debrief

Two (2) Coaching Sessions

Unlimited access for phone/text/email check-ins

Results: You'll identify your new career path to bring clarity around your ideal work environment and responsibilities.s

The Jumpstart (1).png

Sick of feeling stuck in your career? We'll come up with a plan to break through the barriers and move forward towards your goal. 

Length: 1 Month

Four (4) Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Email Access

*Resume & LinkedIn Revision can be added to package

Results: You'll create the messaging to represent yourself in the best possible light in your job search. Depending on your specific needs we can hone your skills in search strategy, networking, interview preparation, cover letters or resume - the real nuts and bolts of a job search.

Own The Room (1).png

Length: 1-2 Sessions

Pre-session Preparation Assignment

One-Two Coaching Sessions (Interview, Salary Negotiation, Review etc)

Email Access Around Session's Topic

Results: Own the room with key interview, performance review, or salary negotiation skills under your belt.  You'll receive pre-work and a structured session to ensure that you are prepared to represent yourself and your goals in a way that is clear and authentic.

Workplace Navigation (1).png

Length: 3 Sessions

Wondering how to handle a particular situation at work? Maybe you want to talk about how to deal with a micromanager, boost your confidence at work, transition gracefully to a new job, or map out the office politics where you work. Or, you may need an advocate and cheerleader for you as you navigate through a workplace frustration! This package includes: 

  • Three sessions to discuss your particular challenge.

  • Unlimited emails during the period of time.