Get D.O.P.E. With LinkedIn (Masterclass ONLY)

Get D.O.P.E. With LinkedIn (Masterclass ONLY)

29.00 40.00

Double Your Job Leads on Linkedin, Network with Influencers, and Score Recruiters In Your Inbox.

2 Hour Masterclass

Tired of landing in the No pile? LinkedIn is a killer networking, job search, and application tool, when used to its full capacity.

BONUS - Learn how to network on LinkedIn like a boss EVEN IF you have no clue where to start.

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During the course of 2 hours - we cover:

How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile

  1. How to maximize your profile via keywords and optimize for artificial intelligence

  2. How to draft your header and summary sections for impact and for recruiter search ability 

  3. How to network and set up informational interviews 

  4. How to use LinkedIn Alumni, LinkedIn Salary, and LinkedIn Top 25