1:1 Resume Redesign Coaching Course

1:1 Resume Redesign Coaching Course


We change jobs over 15 times in our lives. For each career/job change we need a new resume. During this course, I teach you how to build a resume from scratch. Each week you receive homework assignments designed to help you market your skills. During live, personalized, 1:1 video-taped sessions, you will learn:

  • Week 1 - How to read a job post, the key components of designing a resume for impact, and how to draft an executive summary, beat the applicant tracking systems and tailor your document

  • Week 2 - We begin working on describing your job history in alignment with your dream job. Draft PROVE IT statements and accomplishment statements for impact

  • Week 3 - We live audit your resume so you walk away with a finalized finished product

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