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Are you ready to make a career move? Know you need an honest assessment of your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile? You may not be ready for a complete make-over by a professional but know you need a tune-up?

A career design audit will provide you a realistic assessment of your branding, documentation, and suggest ways for you to revamp your documentation to put your best foot forward. A

A Career Audit Includes: 

♦ An evaluation of professional branding, structure, and document design

♦  Is your resume all about you or does it solve the employer's pain point or problem

♦ An analysis of your resume for impact, achievement and industry focus

♦ A structural analysis of your documents including placement of key outcomes

♦ Review of your resume formatting for your industry, career level, and skill-set

  Placement of education, professional development, work history, and community involvement sections

♦ Optimization of keyword utilization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation

♦ LinkedIn profile keywords, profile completion, and attractiveness to recruiters

♦ LinkedIn search optimization

♦ Cover letter structure, format, function, and elevator pitch