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Tips To Get Hired In December

December is hiring season!  Employers have money to burn before the end of the year. Smaller candidate pool = less competition. Don't wait until 2018 to be all "new year, new me!"

I used these steps to land an interview with. Fortune 100 in December. Follow these tips to get a jump on the competition.  While they think no jobs are open, YOU know recruiters are looking for candidates.

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Strategic Job Hunting - Get The Job Done Right

Job hunting sucks.  No one wakes up on any given day shouting, “YES, today I get to search for jobs and possibly never hear anything back.” If you do, well, that is a different story. If you are having a hard time landing a position, are not hearing back regarding your submissions, or are feeling like moving to the Dominican Republic to sell fruit on the beach is easier than landing a day job, this article is for you.  Here are few tips to start having meaningful discussions and creating your tailored search.

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