5 Kick Ass Job Search Websites and Apps To Slay Your Job Search

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Searching for a job can be overwhelming and pretty much sucks.  With so many tools, search engines, and ideas, getting started feels like taking a stab in the dark. Before you give up and throw your whole computer away,  I have a few tools and tricks to help you navigate the world of job searching to get you hits and nail your dream job. 

1. LInkedIn - If you aren't using LinkedIn at least once a week, you don't want a job in 2018.  You can't start a job search without identifying job title, key words, and leveraging your network.  

You must make sure you are strategic with your job search.  Keep in mind job postings are typically open only for a week.  So, like Rickie Bobby said "if aint first you're last."

Set up job search alerts, have your resume ready and apply within the three days of a job opening online.  Next, leverage LinkedIn to identify an internal contact.  Id someone who previously held the position is in the department, or is connected to the role and set up an informational interview within one week of the job opening - LinkedI even has a new feature that allows you to request referrals! Score! Download the LinkedIn Jobs app to get alerts ASAP fresh off the presses.

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3. Indeed - This site is awesome and is a Google-style search engine for jobs.  It is the most efficient search engine because it pulls in information from job boards across the internet, news sites, and company listings.  The advance feature allows you to set a search that pops into your mailbox every morning.  It allows you to drill down into location, keywords, and salary range.  I love this site because of the email right to your inbox and its filter function.  This bad boy will also help you narrow down job titles if you are still unsure of what your next move should be. 

4. Ziprecruiter -Ziprecruiter is a really great job search app. Ziprecruiter is a popular job posting tool for recruiters but has also been advertising their own job board which has gained a lot of popularity lately. Ziprecruiter is also a job board aggregator so you could find listings from other popular job boards as well.  The app also allows you to upload your resume and easily apply for jobs with one click.

5. AngelList - Founded in 2010 as a way for startups to find angel investors, AngelList has expanded to include job postings. It has profiles of more than 70,000 startups (up from 55,000 last year), about 24,000 of which currently have openings. AngelList also offers awesome new ways to filter a job search, such as companies that have received venture funding or that will sponsor for a work visa. 

BONUS -  Dice  -Dice.com is a job search site that focuses on tech jobs.

If you haven’t made a career decision yet –scoring a job in tech a great option you should explore that comes with a great salary. The Dice app makes it easy to search and apply for tech jobs at some of the most well-known companies. Dice is considered to have one of the best job search apps for those in the tech field. 

What are your favorite job search websites and apps? 

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