Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch – Land That Job


A well crafted elevator speech is the secret weapon in any job hunter’s arsenal.  The perfect elevator speech is a sure fire way to connect with your audience, describe your abilities, convey interest in the company, and sell your brand to potential employers, in 30 seconds.

I am surprised at how few job seekers take the time to craft this beauty.  An elevator speech isn’t just used on an “elevator” this speech goes into a well crafted cover letter, is how you sell yourself to an employer in an interview, and will answer the dreaded “so, tell me about yourself,” question.

How do you sum up your life’s experience and job ambitions in 30 seconds or less? Here are a few quick tips to get you started, you’ll be selling water to a whale in no time.

1. Who The Heck Are You Anyway? – Build Your Brand In a nutshell, you need contemplate your skills, strengths, expertise, and who you are…what would you bring to an employer? Jot down these thoughts using active and engaging language while staying in the present tense. Remember, be concise.  This isn’t the time for a Shakespearean soliloquy.  Think about your speech like a few short Tweets on Twitter.

2. Be Creative and Share Hard Core Results  – Don’t be that boring person who gets tuned out.  Come up with something that will grab your target by their lapels. Leave them wanting more, you know, like a real interview.  Most elevator speeches fail because people talk about how they do what they do instead of the results or benefits they provide.

3. Cater To Your Audience (Do Your Research) - Understand who it is you’re trying to attract and say something that’s meaningful to them. Every speech isn’t for every person.  This means you need to do your homework.  That’s right my friend, hit those books before you open your mouth!  One of the fatal flaws cited by potential employers is lack of research about the intended company.  Make sure your speech includes where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice-  The more you speak your elevator speech the easier it gets.  Write it down, and practice in front of a mirror or your friends, if your friends don’t understand what you are saying, change it until they do.  Force yourself to sound enthusiastic. Too often job candidates recite their pitches in a monotone or rush through them without passion. No one wants to hear the teacher from Charlie Brown sell a job pitch.  Don’t get tuned out.

What’s your elevator speech?  Have you tried this method? Results, let us know!!